• Freshers’ Festival is the Students’ Union’s official programme of events that takes place during Freshers’ Week. It is your welcome to University and is one of the biggest weeks of the year where you’ll meet loads of new friends and have a huge party that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

    As you might have seen on our branding, Freshers’ – Fund-raises for Huddersfield Students’ Union. All profits made from our Freshers’ events (ticket fees, etc) goes straight back into improving our services for University of Huddersfield students.

  • Every day there’s a series of events running in and around campus. This includes two days of Freshers’ Fairs where local businesses come and give you freebies and discounts, loads of amazing late night parties such as HudCrawl and our very own live music night – HudLive.

    Add to that the rest of our fairs, an introduction to student media, wall to wall freebies and lots more; it’ll be a week you don’t want to miss!

  • Tickets and passes go on sale 16th August 12pm, if you are signed up to our mailing list then you’ll get the link emailed straight to you, otherwise check back here for links to buy.

  • We want to keep Freshers’ Festival fair for everyone, we’ve listened to feedback and made a change to the ticket buying process. Now tickets are limited to two tickets per person, per event.

  • To make it easy for you to buy tickets for multiple events you have the option of buying an ‘All Out Pass’, ‘Freshers’ Fair Pass’ or a ‘Saver Pass’.

    The ‘Freshers’ Fair Pass’ gets you access to HudCrawl, HudComedy and HudLive while the ‘All Out Pass’ includes #tbt Back To School Party!

    The ‘Saver Pass’ gets you access to HudCrawl and HudLive. If you want to go to additional events, you can buy individual event tickets.

  • We listened to your feedback from previous years and have made lots of individual tickets available. This means you can buy the pass/ticket that covers the events you want to attend without making you purchase access to others you’re perhaps not as keen on.

  • Nope! Many of our events (excluding HudLive, HudComedy, HudCrawl, #tbt Back to School Party and Roller Disco) are free of charge for all of our students.

  • All ticket sales are conducted online here and tickets go live 16th August 12pm.

    It only take a few minutes but you’ll need to register on the Students’ Union website if you’re a new student. If you’re a returning student you can sign in using your Unimail login.

  • Unfortunately due to things outside of our control, there is a £1 Booking Fee for tickets over £10 and a 50p Booking Fee for tickets under £10

  • If you go onto the sign in area here and then put in your own personal email address you will be presented with two options.

    Click on ‘No, I’m new here!’ and then ‘register’.

    That will take you through to a new page which says ‘Which of the following categories do you belong to?’

    Click on ‘I am a guest’ and this will then send you an email.

    Check your email and then click the activate button and your account will now be live and working.

  • There will be a ticket collection point on the Students’ Union helpdesk, Floor 5 of Student Central that will be open from 9:00am – 5:00pm Friday 14th September and then 9:00am – 5:00pm all week from Monday 17th September. If you are unable to collect your tickets during these times, then please email su.events@hud.ac.uk

  • If you lose your ticket or wristband then please contact su.events@hud.ac.uk and include your name, when you bought the ticket and the type of ticket.

  • Yes. Your wristband gives you entry to HudCrawl and HudLive, (HudComedy if you’ve purchased a Full Pass and #tbt Back to School Party if you purchased the All Out Pass!) so it must be worn until Friday 21st — the end of HudLive.


  • Yes, all students attending the University of Huddersfield in the upcoming year can attend Freshers’ Festival.

  • No, but we highly recommend you do as we sold out in advance last year!

  • No, not at all. There’s lots happening through the day each day and all evening events are in the Town Centre or on campus.

  • Freshers’ Festival is for all students attending the University of Huddersfield and you may need to prove you are a student at the University at some point during the week. However, we do realise that a lot of our members are from the local area and may wish to bring a non-student guest with them. If you wish to do this, please contact su.events@hud.ac.uk.

  • Every event varies. For example, at the Secret Garden Tea Party all the refreshments are free of charge (free tea and cake for everyone!) while at HudLive you will need money if you wish to purchase any alcohol or food.

  • We’re not allocating seating for HudComedy this year, make sure to queue with your friends so you can sit together!

  • This year we are bringing to you a whole new kind of HudLive! We listened to your feedback, and have brought the music to you. This year HudLive will be spread across 5 different venues in Huddersfield, being host to 5 different headliners, from 5 different music genres, all packed into 1 epic night!

    Keep an eye out for the set times and locations, and it might be good to plan who you are wanting to see, so you don’t miss out on seeing your favourite act!

  • You can’t bring your own alcohol to any of the Freshers’ Festival events but alcohol will be available at HudCrawl, HudComedy, HudLive, #tbt Back to School Party and HudQuiz.

  • If you are affected by photosensitive epilepsy, you should be aware that strobe lights will be in use during HudLive and may be in use during our other ticketed events. We will have first aiders on hand during HudLive in case of an emergency. Please contact su.events@hud.ac.uk for more information.

  • All students are automatically members of the Students’ Union unless you opt out during enrolment — so don’t opt out!

  • It’s easy to do this via the student portal. We’ve created a set of instructions to help you through the process here.

  • You can join Sports Clubs and Societies all year round. Visit the activities area of the Students’ Union website to get a full list of the Sports Clubs and Societies available and to sign up to any you’re interested in.

  • There is free parking at the University carpark on Queen Street or Firth Street after 5:15pm during Freshers’ Week.

    If you don’t drive, or don’t wish to, we advise using one of our recommended taxi companies, more info can be found here: www.huddersfield.su/safetaxi

    Please remember, do not drink and drive.



  • We want Freshers’ Festival to be a week of events that all students can enjoy, so we try our best to make the sites on campus and in the Town Centre are as accessible as possible. Just as we prepare for all conditions, we ask that you do the same and consider what you may need to bring with you if the British weather is its’ usual unpredictable self.

    If you or someone you know requires access to special facilities, please contact us via su.events@hud.ac.uk, or 01484 47 3432.

  • You will need to be over 18 to attend all of the Freshers’ events, if you do happen to be under 18 please contact us via su.events@hud.ac.uk, or 01484 47 3436.